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For over a decade, I developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach B2B and B2C customers regionally. Through both inbound and outbound marketing, we increased brand awareness and lead generation.

Ferticell USA


Prior Marketing Director (2010-2022)




Prior Marketing Director (2010-2022)


Ferticell USA's Decade of Growth: Collaborative Marketing Effort, Go-To-Market Strategy and Rebranding

In my role as a direct employee at Agroplasma, dba Ferticell USA an organic fertilizer company in Arizona, I had the opportunity to contribute to the expansion of the product line and play a key role in a transformative rebranding initiative in 2020. As part of a collaborative marketing team, we worked together to significantly expand Ferticell's reach – growing the product range from 4 to 16, extending our presence from 2 to 44 states, and achieving an impressive 600% sales growth. Our collective efforts focused on aligning the company closely with its flagship product line, Ferticell. We handled various aspects from packaging design to web development, encompassing SEO, PPC, SMM, and diverse advertising campaigns. Our strategic approach targeted crops by region to optimize our marketing budget effectively. My specific contributions included blog writing, videography and editing, email marketing, as well as print and digital outbound advertising, all aimed at supporting our distributors. Together, we improved communication touchpoints which significantly enhanced the customer experience, positively impacting the company's overall growth and bolstering the sales team's effectiveness.

Ferticell USA
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